Who’s Who at Cameron Forecourt Ltd

The Board of Directors

Barry Jenner
Barry JennerBusiness Development Director

The Management Team

Lee Conway
Lee ConwayInstallation Manager
Spenser Brinkley
Spenser BrinkleyService Manager South
Stuart Ward
Stuart WardService Manager North
Martyn Roper
Martyn RoperServices Manager
Darren Lound
Darren LoundWorkshop, Stores and IT Manager
Ellie Nieuwenhuizen
Ellie NieuwenhuizenMarketing Manager
Doreen Pooley
Doreen PooleySenior Engineer

Department Contacts

Mike Hobson
Mike HobsonTechnical and Training Manager
Brian Walker
Brian WalkerStores Supervisor

The Office Team

Michelle Hall
Michelle HallInstallation Administrator South
Karen Walmsley
Karen WalmsleyService Contract Co-ordinator
Dayna Harrison
Dayna HarrisonNormond Sales Administrator
Gail DavisInstallation Administrator North