BENTLEY Motors Ltd has appointed commercial fuelling solutions specialist Cameron Forecourt Ltd for a major storage and dispensing installation at its engine testing facility.


The prestigious contract includes the supply, installation and commissioning of fuel tanks, gauging, pipework and environmental safety equipment at Bentley Motors’ research facility for fuels, including ethanol-based blends Installation work at the company’s plant in Crewe, Cheshire, is already under way and will take a total of 22 weeks to complete.


The new equipment will provide Bentley Motors C5 engine test facilities with the ability to test using fuel blends containing up to 85 per cent bio-ethanol and assist the development of their new range of “FlexFuel” vehicles, which are capable of running on a variety of blends without change or adjustment.

The contract includes refurbishment of six existing 9,000 litre below ground tanks for future storage of ethanol-based E85 fuel and unleaded petrol, introduction of tank gauging, including water detection and leak detection, installation of two 10,000 litre tanks to contain any accidental spillage and meet environmental requirements, together with associated pipework to deliver fuel to the engine test beds.

Cameron Forecourt will also provide electrical control of the completed facility, commissioning and training. Maintenance will be provided on an on-going basis as part of the agreement.

Comments Cameron Forecourt project leader Terry Smith: “The make up of liquid fuels is likely to change significantly over future years and the solutions we are currently able to offer now take account of this. We are delighted to be associated with the provision Bentley’s facilities for research into alternative fuels.”