Cameron launches ‘always on watch’ fuel monitoring

WITH bulk fuel prices rocketing, commercial fuelling specialist Cameron Forecourt is launching a monitoring package to provide a constant watch on valuable stocks.

Just launched, Cameron’s new TankGuard web-based fuel management system “completes the circle” to provide total professional wetstock management.

Used in conjunction with the Glibarco Veeder Root electronic tank gauging and TLS monitoring equipment distributed, installed and supported by Cameron in the commercial market, the package provides real-time fuel monitoring via the Internet 24/7.

Explains Sales and Marketing Manager Martyn Gent: “Fuel is liquid gold and professional wetstock management is crucial to keeping tabs on stocks, preventing losses, misuse, delivery variations and theft.

“By bringing together very accurate gauging using ‘electronic dipsticks’ and linking in web-based monitoring and management systems accessed through any Internet link without the need for special software, we are completing the circle for accurate real-time tank gauging.”

The server, which can be accessed via any web browser, provides live wetstock monitoring as well as alarms for exceptions including overfilling, low stock levels, unusual fuel drawings, leaks and possible theft.

The system uses GPRS communications which allows the user to log on to the fuelling web site using a standard web browser and their unique username and password, so they can see and manage their fleet fuelling from anywhere.

Adds Martyn Gent: “Rather than the type of snapshot you get with periodic polling of the tank gauging equipment TankGuard is a live system and is always on guard. Alerts can be sent via SMS to mobile devices and by email.”

The system is suitable for all types of installation including underground tanks, above-ground bunded tanks and tall tanks up to 16 metres, which are becoming increasingly popular where confined sites require tanks with a small footprint.

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