Cameron Forecourt Normond GaugeCameron Forecourt has updated and re-launched its popular range of Normond hydrostatic tank gauges, which provide accurate monitoring of fuel and other liquids.

Production and servicing of the Normond range is now wholly UK-based at Cameron Forecourt’s HQ in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The accurate analogue gauges are ideal for monitoring levels in tanks at remote locations or for situations where there is no power supply.

Renowned for their robust built, weather resistance and reliability, the gauges are applied in three variants are easy to install and will provide reliable service over many years with only minimal maintenance.

Normond gauges use hydrostatic technology to obtain tank readings. A balance chamber is installed through the tank lid and is connected to the gauge via capillary tubing. Operation of the integral hand pump displaces the liquid from the balance chamber, resulting in a back pressure, which is registered by the gauge and displayed on the dial.

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