Cameron Forecourt are experts in fuel management and have years of experience in designing, implementing and commissioning systems which significantly improve fuelling operations at their customers’ sites.

Colas Fuel Management

Cameron Forecourt, the foremost UK commercial Fuelling Specialist, has recently implemented a new fuelling system for Colas Railfreight, at its new facility in Westbury, Wiltshire.

Colas Rail is the railway division of the Colas Group and one of the world’s leading providers of rail infrastructure services. In the UK, Colas Rail combines the engineering skills of its specialist businesses to provide total solutions in all aspects of railway infrastructure, from high speed rail systems to light and urban rail.

Colas Railfreight, the company’s freight division, turned to Cameron Forecourt as a leader in fuelling management systems, with their extensive experience of supplying cost saving fuel management systems and associated equipment to a wide range of clients in various sectors.

As in use at a busy rail freight facility, the system needed to be robust enough to cope with significant numbers of users and trains, but also provide detailed management of fuel and information on usages and drawings. The system designed and implemented by Cameron Forecourt utilised the Cameron Eclipse fuel management system, which allows for the full monitoring of site fuel drawings and detailed associated reporting mechanisms, all of which appealed to Colas.

The new system now not only monitors Colas Railfreight‘s fuel usage at the site, with full detailed reporting available, but it also gives the added benefit of giving them total control of all fuel management, with each individual driver and train fully monitored within the systems parameters .

Also, an added benefit of the system for Colas Railfreight is that as it is linked directly, there is no need for daily polling, as all information is updated as it happens. Stock Figures are always current with immediate low stock or overfill alarms and also immediate notification of pumps being disabled or of attempted use of blocked or stolen access cards/keys.

“Here we deal with a reasonable amount of rolling stock traffic per day and it is vital that we were able to accurately monitor fuel usage across the depot”, states Huw Phillips, Traction & Rolling Stock Engineer at Colas Railfreight. “We are pleased with the resulting system that Cameron Forecourt provided, it meets all of our needs and was professionally implemented and commissioned and is now saving us both time and money”, he added.

The Colas Railfreight system was yet another example of Cameron Forecourt providing a fuelling system which makes a significant difference in being able to reap the benefits of carefully maintained and monitored fuel consumption.

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