DiaLOG depot management


You will find the ancient Greek prefix of ‘Dia’ occurring in spoken language frequently, ‘diagnosis’, ‘diameter’ and ‘dialect’ to name a few. It’s meaning however is always the same, ‘thoroughly,’ ‘completely’ & ‘end to end’ which perfectly summarises the DIALOG fuel management system.

You will hear many providers of fuel management claim ‘thorough’ and ‘complete’ capabilities, but few can compare with the DiaLOG system’s portfolio of commercial fleet fuelling depot management.

In addition to working with your electronic tank gauging system to accurately manage and reconcile your diesel, AdBlue, and fuel oils. The DiaLOG can plug in to all the vital aspects of your depot. security cameras, doors & gates, hydrogen dispensers, electric vehicle charge points and even your vehicle wash centre can all be monitored from the one thoroughly, complete, end to end, DiaLOG fleet depot management system.

If you don’t have all these components at your depot the DiaLOG fleet fuel management system is still excellent value for money monitoring just one diesel pump. It is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be, growing and expanding with your business meeting your evolving operational needs.

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Cameron Forecourt now part of TSG is able, at no cost to provide a site development plan with you to gradually expand your depot’s functionality adding electric vehicle charging, the Tokheim Eye security camera system and a Karcher Vehicle wash to name but a few features you could benefit from. Through exclusive collaborations with the world’s leading manufacturers in depot fuelling equipment, Cameron Forecourt with TSG have the manpower and skills to deliver the project management, installation and ongoing servicing of a truly complete depot.

Paul Hill, TSG’s Commercial Technical Manager explains,

‘What makes DiaLOG unique is when they designed the system, they looked at all the models and method of fuel management already on the market, then selecting the best components and combining them. They then took DiaLOG to another level by interfacing it with equipment outside of the normal fuel pump parameters incorporating site security, vehicle management & alternative fuelling including electric vehicle charging.’

The DiaLOG system is currently used by commercial fleet fuelling customers across the UK with a proven track record for reliability and accuracy. Please don’t hesitate to contact Cameron Forecourt delivering the TSG Fleets range of products and services on 01226 742 441.

DiaLOG  fuel pump management