Cameron Forecourt, the foremost UK commercial Fuelling Specialist has recently implemented an extensive new, centralised Fuel Management system for Barnsley-based company, TAP Freight.

TAP FREIGHT NEW FUEL MANAGEMENTBeing the UK’s largest fuelling specialist company, Cameron Forecourt are no strangers to providing systems that allow customers to significantly improve their fuel management facilities and reap the rewards of better fuel management and control stock.

The system undertaken at TAP Freight saw the installation of a new Eclipse fuel management system, which allows full visibility and management of the company’s fuel usage, with associated management controls in place to ensure effective control.

The new system implementation involved the upgrade from an older Centaur fuel management system, alongside the installation of new equipment and the repair and upgrade of fuel pumps at the site.

The system now monitors TAP Freight’s fuel usage, giving them total control of all fuel usage.  The main driver behind the upgrade was the provision of a WEB based centralised view of the company’s fuelling operation, which can now also be easily accessed via the internet.

 TAP Freight offer a range of transport and warehousing solutions, to customers across a number of sectors.  The company’s hazardous freight services comply with the highest industry standards and their reputation is backed by ISO9001, SQAS assessment and modern IT systems.  The Cameron Forecourt system fits perfectly within this environment.

TAP’s services include UK and European groupage, hazardous freight, ambient and temperature-controlled transport, alongside warehousing and distribution.  With such a wide remit and variety of customer-focussed services, TAP Freight’s fuel usage is key and the new system has enabled a new focus on more effective fuel management and environmental responsibility, through more effective management of the company’s fuel usage.

The new system has enabled the centralisation of all TAP Freight’s fuel management and usage data, which brings significant benefits.  The solution gives the added benefits of overall management and visibility of the company’s extensive fuelling arrangements, with the company’s sizeable fleet of vehicles and operations.

 High accuracy gauging gives real-time information on fuel stock levels across the Barnsley site, including current volume tank capacity and ullage, which enables managers to maintain safe working levels and to arrange replenishment as and when necessary.  Fuel drawings are automatically monitored by the system and can then be reconciled against fuelling from the tanks.

 Explains Mick Tasker, owner at TAP Freight: The Cameron Forecourt system we recently invested in has provided us with a range of benefits, foremost of which is an ability to both streamline and improve fuel management operations here.  We can now keep a constant check on fuelling operations, stock levels, and consumption, all of which helps in efficiency of fuel usage across the company”.

The Eclipse system enables full tracking of fuel movements with associated management tools in place and can help companies by giving users access to fuelling data as it occurs, with real time stock levels and transactions updated in seconds without user intervention.