Cameron ForecourtOne of the UK’s leading security companies is benefiting from the ability to  take a total overview of fuelling operations for its 2,1001 vehicle fleet using fourth generation internet-based technology supplied by Cameron Forecourt.


The fuelling solutions supplier has completed the installation of a new fuel management system at 40 branches operated by security specialist G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Ltd at sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

With its major fleet of security vehicles on the road collecting and delivering valuable consignments, keeping the fleet rolling is clearly a key challenge for the company.

Nipping to the local supermarket fuel point or a conventional forecourt to refuel is clearly not an option!

Instead G4S – formerly Group 4 – stores diesel supplies at each of its depots where vehicles are refuelled at various times around-the-clock before going operational.

The previous fuel management system, had severe limitations because it only allowed site-by-site monitoring on an individual basis, making central management and monitoring of fuel stocks and fuelling patterns extremely difficult.

After a full assessment of G4S’ needs, Cameron Forecourt and systems experts & partner Jigsaw developed a bespoke solution encompassing the point of dispense and central monitoring functions for the whole network of depots.

Cameron replaced each of the existing Triscan fuel island terminals with a new Eclipse system developed by Jigsaw to enhance access and the gathering of fuelling information, linking each terminal to its web-based fuel management system to provide live information round-the-clock via GPRS.

The major advantage of the new system is that all fuelling information is updated instantly as it happens, replacing daily polling of each site which previously only ever provided the company with a “snapshot” of fuel movements.

Information is available round the clock by accessing a central server from any internet browser using a secure username and password. It can also be expanded to provide alerts of irregularities if required

Explains employee: “The previous stand-alone system provided us with no visibility beyond the site in which it was located, making central monitoring and management of fuel extremely difficult.

“The new system provides greater visibility of inventory management, fuel usage across the fleet and various vehicle types. It gives us access to average consumption figures, allowing us to benchmark across sites and provide baselines for other projects such as telematics.”

Martyn Gent, Sales & Marketing Director of Cameron Forecourt comments: “G4S is one of several companies who appreciate the benefits of internet-based technology and the contribution it can make towards efficient fuel management and information-based fleet management. With a network of sites so widely based, it is the most effective solution to their fuel management needs.”