Normond Instruments was founded as a family company in March 1949 Normond Fuel Tank Gaugesand became the leading manufacturer of tank level gauges to the UK retail petroleum industry because of their reputation for accuracy and reliability.

The history of the Normond Tank Gauge continued in 1977 when Normond introduced the LS1 electronic gauge based on the well proven hydrostatic pressure transducer technology which converted pressure into voltage then height. In 1981, Micrelec produced an interface which allowed the LS1 to communicate with a back office computer or EPoS terminal. The close association between Normond and Micrelec led to Micrelec Group acquiring Normond Instruments in 1987 for £2.3 milllion. At the time of the acquisition Normond’s turnover was £1.8 million and it had 50 employees. Under Micrelec’s ownership, new products were added including the LS2 gauge based on capacitance technology, the Unigauge designed for commercial vehicle sites and the Driver Controlled Delivery terminal for retail sites. Danaher Corporation which owned Veeder-Root, a relatively unknown gauge in the UK, acquired Normond from Micrelec Group in 1991 for £9 million. At the time of the transaction, Normond’s sales were £5.9 million, a three fold increase in just four years.

The managing director of Normond Tank Gauging was Philip Whitehead who is now a vice president of Danaher Corporation and the sales manager was Martin Gafinoviz who is now President of Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a Danaher company. The chairman of Normond was David Willis, the founder and CEO of Micrelec Group, who is now chairman of Cameron Forecourt.

David Willis

David Willis

With Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s (GVR) modest presence in the commercial vehicle refueling market and Cameron Forecourt’s strong relationship with GVR, it seemed sensible to both companies that Cameron should take-over responsibility of manufacturing and marketing of the G, C and E series gauges and dip rods. The manufacturing and marketing licence agreement was completed in late 2009 and Cameron started producing gauges in 2010 after Graham Webb, Quality and Health & Safety Director, organized all the relevant tooling and assembly hardware to be shipped from GVR’s facility in Basildon to Cameron’s Barnsley premises.
The promotion and sales of Normond gauges and dip sticks is under the enthusiastic management of the Cameron Forecourt Sales Team now part of TSG who liaise closely with the manufacturing team in Barnsley. The number of C and E series made by Cameron Forecourt is similar to the more popular G series and is in addition to the recalibration of gauges and the making of both wooded and plastic dip rods.

The turn-round time for G series gauges is about two weeks. Ellie is always ready to answer questions about Normond gauges as well as Cameron’s other products. Her cheerful voice can be listened to by phoning 07584 278177.