Property management specialist the Knight Group is benefiting from a significant improvement in fuel distribution following implementation of a solution developed by leading UK commercial fuelling specialist Cameron Forecourt.

Knight Group operates a key distribution site at their Klevedon, Essex head office, where the company’s extensive vehicle fleet is refuelled. The site was significantly upgraded by Cameron Forecourt, with the supply and installation of refurbished fuel pumps and TLS electronic tank gauges, to provide both efficient dispensing and accurate fuel stock data.

The project also saw Knight Group’s existing systems upgraded to incorporate a Cameron Forecourt Eclipse fuel management system, providing full accountability by integrating secure, real-time communications back to a central web server.

Knight Group has a long experience of developing housing sites, having been in existence since 1972. The company predominantly manages new homes developments that they have built throughout East Anglia. Alongside these operations, they give a full support service to house builders across the region.

The company operates a sizeable fleet of 150 vehicles, which predominantly comprises vans and company cars, with four HGVs, including one articulated vehicle with a 44 tonne capacity. The fleet covers hundreds of thousands of miles every year and the company’s spend on fuel is in excess of £1 million per annum.

As part of the company’s operations, they also operate a full environmental awareness policy, and the new system fuel system actively contributes to this, enabling a further move towards Knight Group’s policy to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage energy awareness across all levels of the company.

The new system enables access by authorised Knight Group staff from any PC, laptop or smartphone using any Internet browser to immediately view fuel up-to-the-second fuel usage data. The driver/operators have a key fob, which allows for full monitoring of individual usage,

The company also entered into a forward three year contract with Cameron Forecourt to ensure ongoing management of the new system with a quick response should any issues arise.

High accuracy gauging provides instant information on fuel stock levels, remaining tank capacity (ullage), allowing the managers at Knight Group to maintain safe working levels and to arrange replenishment. Fuel drawings monitored by the Eclipse system can then be fully reconciled against fuel drawn from the tanks.

Explains Sam Davies, Plant & Transport Manager at Knight Group: “We operate a sizeable fleet of vehicles, given the nature of our development activities and with the ever rising importance of effective fuel management, we looked to Cameron Forecourt to supply a system which effectively upgraded our fuelling operations. This has been achieved with the system implemented, helping us to meet our fuelling needs,” he added.



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