Cameron Forecourt launches internet-based Eclipse fuel management system

A new fuel management system using satellite-based smart technology to provide up to the second round-the-clock monitoring via the Internet, will be launched at the CV Show by Cameron Forecourt Ltd.

Aimed specifically at the owners of commercial refuelling installations, the Eclipse system provides extensive web-based real-time information without the need for any special software.

Because the flow of information from the system is up to the minute via GPRS, it makes it far easier for fleet operators to monitor stocks, pinpoint deficiencies and stamp out theft or unauthorised fuelling.

Used in combination with high accuracy tank gauging, the Eclipse system provides a cost-effective route to total wet stock management encompassing monitoring of stock levels, deliveries, fuelling by authorised personnel and providing instant access to real-time data.

Using “always awake” GPRS links, it will immediately communicate alarms to designated landlines, mobile phones, laptops or PC’s the moment an irregular action is detected, whether theft, tampering, short deliveries, attempted use of stolen keys or other forms of system misuse.

The “front end” of the system has an alpha-numeric keypad and is available as a robust stainless steel stand alone unit, or integrated into existing pump units. It is also suitable for retro-fit replacement of existing fuel management systems.

Highly flexible, Eclipse has been designed to interface with vehicle tracking systems and provide seamless data export to fuel management software. It offers a choice of access to fuelling including RFID tag, magnetic cards or Dallas I-Button and can use and/or import data from fuel cards.

Comments Cameron Forecourt Sales and Marketing Manager Martyn Gent: “With traditional landline or GSM-linked fuel monitoring systems, the information polled can be anything up to 24 hours old.

“The Eclipse informs you immediately when things start going wrong, be it theft, fuel loss or any other exception. Because Eclipse is web-based and active round the clock it can be monitored via a standard browser to provide real-time highly accurate information, whether linked to one site or a network.”

He adds: “Coupled with advanced electronic tank gauging, it allows transport managers to keep their finger on the pulse and base their decisions on real information, not an artificial picture presented by earlier systems. The Eclipse addresses the need for communicating problems as soon as they happen”

Cameron Forecourt can be seen on Stand 5474 at the Commercial Vehicle Show, held at the NEC Birmingham, April 13-15, 2010.

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