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Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial Fuelling Specialist has recently undertaken a project to majorly upgrade the fuelling management control system for Duncan Adams Ltd.

Cameron Forecourt are experts in fuelling management and have years of experience in designing, implementing and commissioning systems which significantly improve fuelling operations at their customers’ sites.  Duncan Adams - Cameron Forecourt - with logo


At Duncan Adams, Cameron Forecourt installed and commissioned a new system which replaced a legacy system which was around fifteen years old.  In that time, technological advances have meant that features of the new system are able to provide benefits that could not have been conceived when the old system was originally implemented.

Cameron designed the new system based on Duncan Adams’ particular needs, using the latest innovations in fuelling management technology to meet the customer’s requirements and implement a system which is both as future proof and as adaptable as possible.

Duncan Adams is one of the largest privately owned transport and distribution companies in Scotland, based in Falkirk.  The company’s site is also a prominent fuel bunkering site, servicing the Falkirk area and beyond. 

 The new fuelling management control system has been configured to accept fuel bunkering cards from Key Fuels currently, but is capable of the accepting the full range should further options be required.

 The system allows for full traceability of all fuel drawings, across the company’s extensive customer base.  With clients of all sizes and requirements, Duncan Adams can keep a full audit on all drawings at any time.

The Cameron Forecourt system was commissioned as a replacement, as the older system it replaced was not proving to be either economically repairable or upgradeable. This situation, plus the benefits of using newer technology, attracted Duncan Adams to replace it.  Duncan Adams were also attracted to the pricing and range of management and reporting solutions the system entailed, making is a very effective choice of replacement.

“The new system provided by Cameron Forecourt has resulted in notable cost and convenience benefits for us”, states Eric Adams, Director at Duncan Adams.  “Our on-site system was becoming both dated and a drain on resources, with maintenance and additional costs adding to the expenditure required to keep it going.  The new system made perfect sense, met all of our needs and was professionally implemented and commissioned by Cameron Forecourt”, he added.

 The system allows Duncan Adams staff to keep a constant check on fuel movements, stock levels, and consumption, providing complete and accurate wetstock reconciliation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Cameron Forecourt’s consultants work with its customers to develop fuel management systems and solutions that will reduce customers’ costs and are implemented through state-of-the-art management and reporting systems.


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