Motts finalCameron Forecourt, the foremost UK commercial Fuelling Specialist, have a track record of helping companies in the travel sector significantly improve their fuel management activities.  They recently helped Motts Travel both streamline and improve management of their fuel and fleet activities.When Motts Travel approached Cameron Forecourt, it became clear that the company wanted a solution to specific issues relating to their fuel management activities.  Amongst their requirements, the company wanted the new system to interface with their fleet’s existing vehicle on-board-devices, which were designed to capture accurate, live mileage data of each journey undertaken.

In undertaking the project, Cameron Forecourt replaced a legacy fuel management system with their new Eclipse, as the customer required not only a very high accuracy tank gauging system, but also the latest generation of internet-based fuel management, to help improve their operations.

Also supplied during the upgrade was an OLE electronic tank gauge which interfaces to the Eclipse Terminal to provide accurate stock level data.  As the new system is linked directly via GPRS from the fuel island to the management website, there is no need for daily polling of tanks, as all information is updated as it happens.  This live information gives Motts Travel the added benefit of enhanced security with stock figures always being current and immediate notifications should there be a low stock, disabled pump(s) or attempted use of blocked/stolen access cards.  When undertaking the installation, Cameron Forecourt also added the “Ad Blue” delivery pump system onto the Eclipse installation, allowing for the optimum and safe delivery of required fuel.

Motts Travel is a family-owned travel provider and the largest coach operator in Buckinghamshire.  Operating coach services from its Aylesbury depot, the company provides services across Buckinghamshire as well as the surrounding areas Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire and North, South, West and Central London.  The company has a fleet of 65 vehicles, ranging from smaller minibuses to large coaches, with capacities from 25 to 63 seats. As such, the company’s fleet and hence fuel usage is significant and the new system has enabled a new focus on effective fuel management, with the added benefit of full visibility of the entire fleet’s usage at the company’s fingertips, with live data.

 Motts Travel had used an alternate company to their fuel management requirements in the past, but were unhappy with the service received from that supplier and the system commissioned.  Hence they contacted Cameron Forecourt for a full fuel management system audit and subsequent upgrade that led to the new system being installed.

The high accuracy gauging which is evident under the new system provides real-time information on fuel stock, giving remaining ullage and stocks, which in turn allows Mott Travel’s managers to maintain safe working levels and to arrange replenishment when necessary.

 “We have been more than happy with the new Eclipse system recommended and installed by Cameron Forecourt”, states Chris Groombridge, who manages the depot at Motts Travel. “Previously we had an alternate supplier, who commissioned a system which fell short of our expectations, particularly in allowing us to keep a totally accurate overview of fuel usage and stock levels.  We have found that the new system has not only improved our visibility of usage and stock levels, but has allowed us to more effectively manage the fleet with the additional benefit in costs savings that this brings.  Now, inputting of off-site fuel entries onto the system is much easier and we find this particularly useful for our touring vehicles that are continental bound” he adds.

Cameron Forecourt’s Eclipse fuel management has now been implemented in a multitude of customer environments and is proving that with state of the art fuel management, companies can quickly see the significant benefits of accurate fuel consumption that it provides.



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