National Vector Award WinnerTHE UK’s leading commercial fuelling specialist Cameron Forecourt is this year’s winner of the national Vector Award given by international polymer and plastic cable systems manufacturer igus.

Against competition from igus customers throughout the UK, Cameron Forecourt scooped the prestigious Vector Award for its innovative use of an igus system to keep fuel and service lines safe and secure on a floating pontoon serving wind farms in the Irish Sea off Cumbria.

The new 60 metre pontoon at Barrow in Furness harbour is used to provide vital services to the Barrow Offshore Wind Farm, developed by DONG energy and Centrica.

As levels in the harbour fluctuate by up to 11 metres between low and high tides, Cameron Forecourt needed a solution that would ensure fuel lines, power supplies and pump hoses for bilge pumping remained safe and secure despite the “travel” of the pontoon due to the tide.

The solution was to encase the hoses and lines within a polymer energy chain cable carrying system (also known as darg chains) running from the platform up to the dockside to new fuel tanks installed by Cameron Forecourt and to bilge pumps used for pumping out boats. The system provides an “umbilical” cord and ensures that all the pipes and hoses are protected and neatly routed to avoid any damage.

 Cameron Forecourt Installation Manager Dennis West explains: “We would normally route all the lines on the side or floor of the access ramp to the pontoon, but in this case that would mean we would need a lot of spare hose and cabling coiled on the pontoon to cope with the tides.

 “By using the igus energy chain all the services are accommodated in one place in a very neat, professional and safe arrangement. All the wires, cables and piping were enclosed together within the energy chain, safe from damage and presenting no hazards for those working on the pontoon or boarding the ships.”

The energy chain solution was used as part of a wider Cameron Forecourt project for the supply and installation of storage tanks, marine diesel pumps, Cameron Jigsaw fuel management systems, protective enclosures, associated pipework and services to DONG Energy at the site in the Port of Barrow.

Cameron Forecourt has so far installed and commissioned two installations at separate, but adjacent pontoons and is currently in the process of commissioning a further system.