Dip Rods / Sticks

Cameron Forecourt offer a comprehensive service embracing the supply, installation and onward maintenance of a complete range of highly accurate tank gauging systems and dip-sticks designed to give the operator total control over the management and reconciliation of bulk fuel stocks.

Ranging from calibrated dip-rods to sophisticated electronic tank gauging systems using Magneto-strictive technology, Cameron Forecourt can provide the solution to all wet stock management problems.


Accurately calibrated dip-rods are manufactured at our head office using tank data supplied by the tank manufacturer or customer as the original reference. These durable and easy to read dip-sticks are the yard stick which can be used in the event of tank gauging problems or discrepancies. Manufactured from glass fibre, they are easy to handle and do not bend or break as used to happen with the old traditional brass dip-sticks. Being light they can be repeatedly used without fear of penetrating the bottom the tank – another problem associated with those manufactured from brass.

If you would like a no obligation quotation for a dip-rod then please complete the Tank Questionnaire which you can download below:

We also provide a specialised service to tanker manufacturers and repairers to manufacture dip-sticks for use with road tankers.