Introducing the Eclipse WEB Based Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System Overview

Eclipse Fuel Island Hardware Fuel Management Systems

  • Full Featured User Interface Alpha Numeric Keyboard, Four Line LCD Backlit Display
  • Choice of RFID Tag, Magnetic Fuel Card or Dallas I-Button
  • I-Button for Vehicle ID & Automated Mileage Capture
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Retrofit Option to existing systems available
  • Plinth, Pump, Wall, Tank and Bowser Mounting Options
  • Full Suite of Managers Functions
  • Automated, Real Time Alarms by SMS Messaging for Fuel Theft or System Misuse
  • Integrated Pump Options Single or Dual Display
  • Interface to On Board Vehicle Tracking Systems

Web Based (REAL TIME) Reporting

Fuel Flow on the Go

Web Based Fuel Management – Fuelling Information

  • Access to data from any web enabled PC or phone, using a secure login facility.
  • Only Standard Web Browser Required No System Specific software to install or maintain on site.
  • Additions and Amendments have immediate effect at all fuelling locations in your network
  • No Daily Polling of fuel island terminals to manage minimum daily support.
  • Software Updates and Enhancements Managed Centrally removing the need for expensive site visits.
  • Unique Quick View gives simple summary of entire network.
  • True Multi User System giving local and/or central data management and reporting.
  • Seamless Integration with Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Seamless Data Export to Fleet Management Software
  • Web Based Fuel Card Data Import

Live Information gives Enhanced Security

Just Some of the Benefits

As the system is linked directly via GPRS from the fuel island to the web site, there is no need for daily polling all information is updated as it happens.

Because the system uses GPRS mobile technology, the terminal can send texts and e-mails directly to any nominated personnel.

  • All Fuelling Data displayed immediately on the Internet
  • Stock Figures are always current (Links to Tank Gauge)
  • Immediate Low Stock or Overfill alarms
  • Immediate Notification of Pumps Being Disabled
  • Immediate Notification of Attempted use of Blocked or Stolen Keys

FREE SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION, Including a 30 day personal log in access to get a feel for how the reporting system works and see for yourself how user friendly our Fuel Management systems really are. Just call 01226 742 441

Time makes a small problem into a crisis – stay on top with live information !

Why not ask about our other products and services for a complete package including tank gauging, fuel tanks, fuel pumps and service contracts.

Fuel Management

Bring control to another aspect of your business with state of the art fuel management systems, and reap the benefits of carefully maintained and monitored fuel consumption.Running any type of business that is critically reliant on the use of transport can be extremely costly with fuel prices constantly rising, but there is a simple solution to issuing and monitoring the levels of fuel that your company uses with Cameron Forecourt fuel management systems.If you’re running a company and using public fuel tanks to refuel you will realise that you often don’t know where your money is going. Installing your own fuel tanks is a much more cost effective route to take when managing a business in the transport industry. With your own fuel tanks in place you are able to install fuel management systems which can further improve the financial impact of running a business with transport or plant equipment.Fuel management can help you track transactions based on a number of different systems allowing you to see exactly where your money is going and if there is anywhere you’re able to cut back on costs, read more »

Fuel Management Systems

Everyone knows it. Money matters. So you want to make sure that every penny is working for your benefit. Fuel management systems could help you drastically reduce your fuel bills and the labour costs of paying someone to manually collate data on fuel consumption for every vehicle. They are able to track each and every vehicle as they use fuel and how much each vehicle or driver uses when refuelling.
The one system that has made this endlessly easier is the inception of web based fuel management. This system of fuel management offers real time, advanced analytics that can keep you in touch with your fuel expenditure without any hassle.

If you want to keep on top of the logistics of your fuel and their costs, you’ll be interested in implementing a powerful web based fuel management system. State of the art web based fuel management systems from Cameron Forecourt enable businesses around the country to effectively measure the use of fuel economy, either company wide or driver to driver. This system allows you to efficiently monitor discrepancies; web based fuel management systems enable you to pin point details, allowing you to eliminate habits of wasteful fuel economy.

The fuel island is directly connected to a centralised internet based server which updates in real time. The actions and transactions of all vehicles are also held on the central server. When using a web based management system, you will have the option of connecting to your fuel tank to the central server through GPRS, Wi-Fi or a Cabled Network Link.

Aside from the benefits of attaining information at real time, one of the strongest benefits of web based fuel management systems is the information being available to selected, interested members, on a complete gamut of devices. If you’re in the office you can access the recordings on your desktop or laptop. On the move? Get the latest analytics on your tablet, smart phone or other mobile devices. The sophisticated software includes a secure login facility and allows only authorised access.

What information does a fuel management system supply?

If you are looking to harness the true power of your company by reducing unnecessary costs and improving the management of your outgoings a fuel management system is the perfect solution. But what information does a fuel management system supply? Via email, text, or just through the real-time software, you can get access to information on low fuel stocks, overfills, attempted thefts, leaks and general quantities going in and out of storage.
Fuel management can bring your company up to speed and provide your business with a system that streamlines information and saves you both money and fuel. So why not take control today with a fuel management system from Cameron Forecourt?