Nozzle Based Automatic Vehicle Recognition

A Nozzle Based AVR (Automatic Vehicle Recognition) fuelling system has a means of recognisingthe vehicle automatically when the nozzle is inserted into the vehicles fuel tank. If the nozzle carries the right fuel for the vehicle, and the vehicle is allowed to fuel, then the pump comes on and the fuel delivery is monitored and logged. Optionally, a mileage can be transferred along with the vehicles ID.

Advantages Include

  • Reduced Fuelling Time – reduces time driver spends fuelling vehicleDervpoint
  • Accurate Mileage Information – Auto Mileage/Hours Run transfer ensures accuracy of MPG figures
  • Secure Fuelling – Nozzle has to be in tank to fuel for pump to operate removes possibility of containers being filled.
  • No tags or cards to put in the fuel island terminal
  • No need to remember and type in a mileage
  • Just pick up the nozzle and fuel.

The concept has, in the past, been let down by the problems of getting the data read from the vehicle back to the fuel island controller. More often than not this has been achieved using wires running either inside, or outside the fuel hose. Unfortunately, these have been vulnerable to damage by nozzle rotation, simple wear and tear or intentional vandalism. Hoses were bespoke and couldn’t be supplied or changed by normal pump maintenance engineers, adding to the expense of owning the system.

Additionally, many of the nozzle based systems we have investigated have a loop transmitter fitted around the vehicles filler neck which is attached to an on board electronics pack, resulting in a high entry level “per vehicle” cost for the system. Installing the vehicle equipment is difficult, time consuming and hence expensive as wiring has to be run typically from the vehicles cab or passenger area to the filler cap area.

Dervpoint Features

Having seen these problems first hand with several nozzle based systems, Jigsaw have, in the past, warned potential users away from this type of system. That was until we came across the PetroPoint AVR System. This implementation has overcome the previous issues with nozzle based AVR ;

  • No wires down the fuel hose – data is passed from the Nozzle to the Fuel Island Controller using a long life battery powered radio system.
  • Extremely well engineered and robust Nozzle Reader/Transmitter clamps over a standard ZVA or OPW nozzle so that it doesn’t interfere with fuelling, and can easily be changed by service operatives if the nozzle or hose is damaged.
  • Nozzle Unit is sealed against water and dust ingress has no moving parts and is very robust.
  • Entry level system only requires a tag to be fitted to the vehicles filler nozzle, reducing capital outlay and fitting time.
  • Nozzle is Ex approved for petrol as well as diesel.
  • Nozzle has multiple tag readers to maximise read range and orientation options.
  • Optional Vehicle Unit fitted in vehicles cab transmits Odometer/ Hours run information to Fuel Island controller.
  • Design does not require wiring from the cab to the filler nozzle.


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