The Cameron Forecourt – Nova Fuel Management System

Move From Once a Day to All the Time!

Live information gives Enhanced Security

The Nova Fuel Management Terminal gives you LIVE fuelling information, when and where you want it, at an affordable price. Because the system is linked directly from the fuel island to the web site, there is no need for daily polling – all information is updated as it happens.

Just some of the benefits :Nova Fuel Management

  • All fuelling data displayed immediately via the internet.
  • Stock figures are always current
  • Immediate low stock warnings.
  • Immediate notification of pumps disabled.

Because the system uses mobile phone technology, the terminal can send texts and emails directly to on-site staff.

  • Immediate notification of attempted use of blocked or stolen keys.
  • Immediate text alarms raised on possible tank stock leak/theft.
Visibility of all data via any web browser, Lowest Cost, Web Connected Hardware

The Nova Fuel Management System is our single pump, no frills, lowest cost offering, but it retains allthe power and advantages of a web based fuel management system.

The system can operate on the same network as the Eclipse system, giving a lower cost alternative to the Eclipse for less used sites.

Cameron Forecourt Nova Fuel Management System – Gives you LIVE fuelling information

• User interface – numeric keyboard, four line LCD backlit display.

• Ultra reliable RFID tag reader.

• Non corroding, heavy duty, stainless steel enclosure.

• Full suite of managers functions.

• Optional automated, real time alarms by SMS messaging for fuel theft or system misuse.

• Optional tank gauge interface – direct wired or low cost radio gauge.

• Access to data from any web enabled PC or phone, using a secure login facility.

• Only standard web browser required – No system specific software to install or maintain on site.

• Additions and amendments have immediate effect at all fuelling locations in your network.

• No daily polling of fuel island terminals to manage – minimum daily support.

• Software updates and enhancements managed centrally removing the need for expensive site visits.

• A unique quick view gives simple summary of entire network.

• True multi user system giving local and/or central data management and reporting.JS-1 (3)

• Seamless integration with vehicle tracking systems.

• Seamless data export to fleet management software.

• Web based fuel card data import.

Nova Fuel Island Hardware Web Based Fuelling information

FREE SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION, Including a 30 day personal log in to access the web based demonstration site. Just call 01226 742 441

Time makes a small problem into a crisis – stay on top with live information !

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