Mobile Bowser Refuelling Management

Ideal for Quarries, Highway Maintenance, Large Industrial Plants, Static Plant Equipment, Building Sites & Mines

The Nova System is ideally suited to mobile refuelling. It has been designed to operate from a DC supply (12 or 24 Volts) and to survive the hostile environment, both electrical and physical, which comes with vehicle based refuelling.Cameron Forecourt Fuel Management

As the system doesn’t rely on a wired connection to the Internet, authorisation to fuel and real time upload of the fuelling transactions can take place wherever the vehicle is required to fuel. Transactions are listed and the bowser tank stock figure is reduced on the web site in real time as the bowser makes its deliveries.

Transferring fuel from a static tank to the bowser is managed using the unique Jigsaw fuel transfer key, which forms a special transaction, reducing the stock in the static tank and adding it to the stock in the bowser. This simple sounding feature is in fact quite sophisticated as the stock transfers have to be carried through to the stock reports and the stock costings.

 Automatic Vehicle Recognition

  • Mobile refuelling security can be further enhanced using one of Jigsaws Automatic Vehicle Recognition (AVR) Systems.
  • The Jigsaw Midas system uses a fueller touch key to identify the vehicle to the bowser. The system identifies the vehicle being fuelled and the person doing the fuelling whilst also transferring mileage or operating hours, all with a touch of the Midas key.
  • The PetroPoint AVR system uses a special nozzle to ensure that fuel only goes in to the intended vehicle by detecting the vehicles fuel tank and only allowing fuel to flow when the nozzle is inserted.

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