Rail Equipment Refuelling

The Jigsaw Fuel Management Pump Controllers are uniquely suited for use on Railway refuelling stations where there are many fuelling points widely spaced apart along a platform. They use wireless IMAG0143 (4)GPRS communications and hence need no expensive communications wiring.

All Transactions are sent, in real time, to a central server where reports make fuel allocation to different rail companies or operators a matter of a few clicks of a mouse.

There are various modes of operation available, but typically, the fueller will start at one end of a train, insert the hose, then identify the Train Operating Company, or even the specific rolling stock being fuelled either by typing on the systems keypad, or using our Midas system. The fuel management controller will then turn on the pump and monitor the fuel delivered. On completion of the delivery, the pump motor is turned off by the system and the transaction sent immediately to the web server.

Pump Interfaces

The Jigsaw Pump controllers can interface easily to most of the common Rail Fuel delivery systems. The system controls the pump or delivery valve, then counts pulses from the flow meter to measure the delivery volume. All transaction backups are solid state so there’s no printer requirement.

Tank Gauge Interfaces.

The Jigsaw Pump controllers can interface directly to on site tank gauging so that tank stocks can be easily managed. If the tanks are too far from the fuelling platform, then the Jigsaw Tank Guard system maybe used to seamlessly integrate fuel level readings with the rest of your data.

Jigsaw Hose Guard.

Jigsaw have recently developed a product specifically to solve the problem of trains moving off before all the hoses have been disconnected. Each hose connection (Fuel, Waste or Water) has a switched holster linked by radio to a central controller. Only when all the hoses are stowed will the Green Traffic light be lit, indicating the train is safe to proceed.

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