Tank Guard

“My Tank Guard System gives me a real time view of all my tank stocks, sends text and e-mail alarms when they are low, as well as giving me a historic view of tank stock levels”

Tank Guard Features include Direct Interface to many common gauge types. (Up to Eight Probes)

  • Data displayed on clear and simple to understand web site.
  • Real Time update of Web site level after any significant change on site.
  • Direct Connection to the Internet using GPRS communications – no costly wiring – simple installation.
  • System data viewable from anywhere using a standard web browser – no proprietary software required.
  • Industry standard TCP/IP data transfer
  • Remote alarm level configuration.
  • Optional Low Power Radio receiver allows other sensors to be monitored.
  • Web site managed text and e-mail generation to notify of low stocks and other alarms.
  • Stand alone Tank Guarding, or integrated with Jigsaw Fuel Management System.
  • Real time clock time stamps each event
  • Battery Powered Option

•Re-order Level Alarm Trigger Point (First Level warning)

•Low Stock Level Alarm Trigger Point (Second Level Trigger Point)

•Out of Hours level Fall – Detects leaks or Theft when site inactive

•Local Overfill Alarm Option with logged event on web site

•Local Bund Alarm Option with event log on web site.

Door/Shutter Open or IR Sensor Triggered Option

  • Small, IP68 Sealed Unit
  • Simple to install, minimum on site set up.
  • All communications by radio, only 230V connection required.
  • RS232 or RS485 Interface to Tank Gauge
  • Bund Sensor Input
  • Door/Shutter, Infra Red Sensor Input
  • Local Alarm Relay Drive Output

 One Tank Guard unit can manage up to Eight Probes!

Tank Guard Controller Features

•Clear display of tank level information showing both current level and historic status graphed over last 60 days.

•Ability to set alarm levels through the web site.

•Data Received can be viewed independently, or together with fuelling and other tank stock information on the Jigsaw fuel management web site.

•Only Standard Web Browser Required – No System Specific software to install or maintain.

•System can generate SMS and E-Mails alarms as required. – target phone and e-mail recipient set through web site.

•Alarms on out of hours fuelling and low stock alarms.

•Time Zones may be set to alarm on stock fall out of site operational hours – different time zone regimes for Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays

•No Polling of system to manage – data transfer automatic – minimum daily system support required.

•Unique QuickView gives simple summary of entire network.

FREE SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION, Including a 30 day personal log in to access the web based demonstration site.

 Just call 01226 742 441

Time makes a small problem into a crisis – stay on top with live information !

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