Below Ground Fuel Tanks

Double Skinned Below ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Below Ground Tank (Use non Below Ground Tanks Page)_800All below ground double skinned storage tanks supplied by the company are constructed to BS EN 12285-1 from steel approved to BS799.

Below ground double skinned petrol tanks are also suitable for storing diesel, gas oil and other associated oil products.

Below ground fuel storage tanks are available to suit a wide range of applications and can be supplied with storage capacities from as little as 2000 litres up to those able to contain in excess of 100,000 litres. Below ground tanks are delivered to site by road and offloaded and positioned into previously prepared excavations using a mobile crane. Site works to accommodate a below ground tank are generally more complicated than those required for above ground tanks and should only be carried out by an experienced and specialised contractor such as Cameron Forecourt Ltd who are able to offer a complete supply and installation service for below ground petrol and diesel tanks.

Double skinned below ground petrol and diesel tanks are constantly monitored for leaks by filling the space between the inner and outer skins (the interstitial space) with an inhibiting fluid, the level of which is continuously monitored by placing a probe in a header tank. Any loss of the inhibiting fluid will be sensed by the electronic probe and cause an audible alarm to sound or send a message to any integrated leak detection system which may compliment the overall installation.

As part of the overall package of installation services provided by Cameron Forecourt Ltd the company can also supply and install all necessary pipework from the underground tank. This pipework includes, fill pipes, vent pipes and any associated vapour recovery connections, pump suction or pressure pipework.

For a pdf datasheet briefly detailing the range of below ground storage tanks available from Cameron Forecourt Ltd please click below: