Electronic Repairs

Electronic Repairs_800Cameron Forecourt Ltd operates an electronic workshop in Barnsley where a whole range of repairs and refurbishments are carried out.

Electronic assemblies for use with commercial and retail pumps and control systems are rebuilt and repaired in this modern facility. Other typical works carried out are the repair of circuit boards, key and card readers and many other electronic assemblies associated with fuel management systems which are then re-used by our busy service department. In many instances this gives us the ability to continue to support equipment which some manufacturers may prefer to declare obsolete!

All of the work which passes through our workshops is strictly controlled via our quality system, therefore guaranteeing that all repairs are carried out to a high standard.

By reworking and repairing electronic assemblies the company is able to operate efficiently and cost effectively. It also conforms to our environmental policy which dictates that we should re-use parts and materials wherever possible, therefore generating less waste and being able to offer our customers high quality and cost effective spare parts.