Product Testing & Remediation

Product Testing & RemediationAs government legislation under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) requires all road vehicle fuel to be manufactured using a minimum of 5% materials from renewable sources from April 2009 we can expect to experience more frequent instances of fuel stock deterioration due to what is commonly known as the diesel bug! The diesel bug is a living organism which proliferates within bio-fuels, which being hygroscopic contains small amounts of water which provide the oxygen content necessary for the bugs to thrive and multiply.

Once in the fuel storage system they have proved difficult to eradicate and impossible to filter out on a permanent basis.

Cameron Forecourt offer a service whereby we sample the fuel at various levels within the storage tank and by analysis and testing report on the condition of the fuel and advise any recommended course of action to maintain the fuel in good condition or put a re-mediation programme in place to return the fuel to a usable condition.

There is no hard and fast set of rules as to why some fuels should be subject to infestation by this microbial growth, indeed on some sites contamination may be restricted to just a single storage tank whilst other apparently identical tanks remain unaffected. This is why it is so important to have a management system in place to test all storage tanks to prevent valuable fuel becoming contaminated.