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IDENTIC Spill-free Vehicle Refilling System.

The IDENTIC Spill-free vehicle refilling system is designed to provide the most efficient, convenient and clean approach available for the safe and fast refilling of vehicles. The IDENTIC system enables both fuel and AdBlue tanks to be refilled on the vehicle simultaneously. This means that vehicles can pass through the fuelling lane faster than conventional filling lanes. The automated spill-free nature of the system allows the fueller time to undertake inspection and cleaning activities on the vehicle whilst the refilling takes place, with the confidence that the vehicle will always depart with all the tanks filled to their optimum level. The system drastically reduces the instances of vehicles running out of fuel in service and eliminates the risk of cross-filling. The IDENTIC spill-free nozzles and vehicle couplings incorporate a dry-break function, thus ensuring that no spillage occurs from either the nozzle or the vehicle coupling. The central pumping system for fuels is configured with two pumps and motors; either of which can provide sufficient fuel flow to operate a fuelling lane. This duplication means that the pumps and motors are never operated at their maximum output; thus, extending the life of the equipment, whilst providing an important backup facility if one of the motors or pumps needs to be taken out of action.

Spill-free Vehicle Refilling (SVR) System

The IDENTIC SVR system, also referred to at the AT-1 system, is the most compelling part of the IDENTIC Intelligent Depot System. The SVR system comprises of several sub-systems, including the spill-free nozzle, the nozzle holster, the control system with the traffic light indication, as well as the vehicle based spill-free equipment.


The IDENTIC Spill-free nozzle is ergonomically designed, making it easy to use and handle. The nozzle is made from Stainless Steel and high strength plastic, protecting the nozzle whilst making it easy to use.
The nozzle employs the IDENTIC Spill-free coupling that is easily connected to the mating vehicle coupling. The nozzle is fitted with a release button conveniently located on the back of the nozzle making decoupling the nozzle convenient. The nozzle coupling incorporates a dry-break connection ensuring that there is no spillage when connecting and disconnecting the nozzle from the vehicle. This also completely prevents drips from the nozzle when it is stowed in the nozzle holster. IDENTIC has a range of Spill-free nozzles specifically designed for a variety of fuels, AdBlue and chemicals. The use of different sized couplings between the fuel and AdBlue nozzles helps to prevent the risk of mistaken cross-product filling.


The nozzle and holster are the only elements of the system that the fueller will normally need to interact with. The system is designed so that there is as little interaction from the operator as possible, thus ensuring the filling process is as fast and efficient as possible.
The holster is primarily used to stow the nozzle when it is not in use. The holster is also fitted with three LED status lights; these are used to indicate the status of the refilling process through the associated nozzle. Once the refilling process is complete the green status light illuminates to indicate that the fueller can disconnect the spill-free nozzle. There is never any need for the fueller to check or top-up the tank.
The holster unit is constructed from Stainless Steel and is protected to IP65, making it suitable for busy vehicle refuelling applications.

On-Board SVR Vehicle Equipment

In designing their SVR system, IDENTIC considered the whole process and developed the on-board vehicle systems that enable the spill-free process to be fully automated.

Spill-free Vehicle CouplingCoupling

The vehicle tank is fitted with an additional fill connection which incorporates the mating IDENTIC spill-free vehicle coupling and associated venting functionality. Once the mating Spill-free nozzle is connected, the system can fill the tank at high speed and without the risk of spillage or over filling. The coupling employs the same dry-break function, which prevents spillage when connecting and disconnecting the nozzle and from fuel movements when the vehicle is in motion. The latest ventilated coupling provides both the spill-free coupling and integral ventilation valve in one single part.

Level Sensorlevel sensor

The IDENTIC on-board vehicle system includes the installation of a fail-safe level sensor. This level sensor is used to control the flow of fluid into the tank, stopping the flow once the level has risen to a pre-determined level. This fail-safe feature ensures operational safety and that the system can only begin pumping when the sensor is operational and indicating there is free space in the tank.

Fuel Tank Adaptorfuel tank adaptor

IDENTIC supply a range of tank adaptors which provide a variety of methods for mounting and connecting the SVR system to the tank, depending on the type, format and location of the tank on the vehicle. The vehicle tank adaptor usually includes the following parts; the connection to the spill-free coupling, the venting pipe connection, the bottom fill hose connection and the mounting point for the level sensor.

Design Flexibility

IDENTIC have developed several tank adaptors and accessories to make the installation of the on-board SVR system as simple as possible. IDENTIC’s engineering team co-operate directly with tank and vehicle manufactures around the world to ensure any individual vehicle requirements are correctly engineered and implemented to ensure their efficient and safe operation. IDENTIC provide solutions to accommodate every eventuality, handling single tank and multiple tank vehicle designs.

AdBlue SVR Nozzle and Systemad blue nozzle

The IDENTIC AdBlue SVR nozzle is designed specifically for use with AdBlue and is protected against the corrosive nature of the AdBlue product. The materials and seals incorporated in the AdBlue nozzle have been specifically selected to comply with the demanding and corrosive properties of AdBlue.
The AdBlue nozzle coupling is different in size from other IDENTIC fuel nozzles thus preventing the possibility of cross-filling Diesel with AdBlue, a costly and hazardous situation which should be avoided at all costs. Overfill prevention is provided using a wireless interface, thus controlling the filling process without the need for a separate cable. The same design flexibility is available from IDENTIC’s in-house design service to help manufacturers and vehicle service providers to implement the most efficient on-board vehicle designs.

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