Tank Gauging

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Fuel Tank Gauging Systems & Dip Rods / Sticks


The ability to correctly measure and account for fuel stocks is paramount for the responsible management of retail and commercial bulk fuel installations.

Cameron Forecourt offer a comprehensive service embracing the supply, installation and onward maintenance of a complete range of highly accurate fuel tank gauging systems and dip-sticks designed to give the operator total control over the management and reconciliation of bulk fuel stocks.

Ranging from calibrated dip-rods to sophisticated electronic tank gauging systems using Magneto-strictive technology, Cameron Forecourt can provide the solution to all wet stock management problems.

Tank Gauging

At Cameron Forecourt we are specialists in the industry, with our wealth of experience helping us to deliver an extensive range of services which are tailored to your requirements. Our experience in the field means that we understand the importance of reliable and accurate tank gauging systems, helping you to responsibly manage your commercial or retail fuel installations. With this in mind, we provide a broad range of tank gauge systems which provide you with accurate, reliable and high quality tank gauging products to help you responsibly manage your bulk fuel installations. Alongside our product range, we offer a comprehensive range of services which cover the supply, installation and maintenance of our fuel tank gauging systems and dip-sticks which promise complete control over your fuel stocks.

We pride ourselves on our high quality range of products, ensuring that each has been manufactured to the highest standards with the highest quality materials. We strive to provide products for all of your needs, offering sophisticated items such as tank gauge systems and tank level gauges which use the latest technology to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Tank Gauge Systems

At Cameron Forecourt we are the official UK distributor of the Veeder Root TLS range of tank gauging systems. Suitable for use with above ground fuel tanks and below ground tanks, and compatible with petrol, diesel, gas oil and similar products, these tank gauge systems are renowned for their reliability and accuracy. These systems are compatible with a vast range of fuel management systems, and with the latest technology enabling these systems to send email or SMS alerts if there is an unexplained loss of oil stocks, these tank gauge systems can be vital in helping you to effectively manage your stocks.

As a leading company at the forefront of the industry, we also provide Normond Hydrostatic Gauges which work on the hydrostatic principle, making them the equipment of choice for many in the industry. Each product in this series of tank gauging products is calibrated individually to your requirements so you can be reassured that these tank level gauges are achieving a high level of accuracy that exceeds other products on the market. We provide products that are simple and easy to use, with these gauges available in 6, 8 or 12 diameter dial faces so you can clearly see the level of each tank.

Tank Level Gauges

As part of our range of tank level gauges, we also offer a range of accurate dip-sticks which have been manufactured with accuracy in mind. Using tank data provided by our customers and manufacturers we have manufactured these durable tank level gauges at our head office to ensure their reliability, durability, and accuracy. Designed for use if tank gauging problems occur or there are discrepancies in information, these dip-sticks have been manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure their reliability. Made using glass fibre, these tank level gauges are renowned for their inability to bend or break, as well as being unable to penetrate the bottom of the tank, both of which were common faults of brass dip-sticks.

At Cameron Forecourt we pride ourselves on our extensive range of tank gauge systems, all of which have been designed with accuracy, reliability, and durability in mind. If you have any questions on our range of tank gauge systems, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Cameron Forecourt is the official UK distributor for the  TLS range of tank gauging systems into the commercial fuel market. These highly accurate systems are suitable for use in above and below ground tanks and are compatible with products including petrol,

diesel, gas oil and most other oil products. The systems are capable of interfacing with most makes of fuel management systems and when used with the recommended Jig Saw system are able to send SMS or email alerts in the event of a sudden unexplained stock loss.


Normond Hydrostatic Gauges

The Normond range of analogue gauges work on the hydrostatic principle and have been the industry preferred equipment for many years. Each G series unit is calibrated individually to the data supplied by the tank manufacturer or customer, therefore guaranteeing a level of accuracy far in excess of that achievable by most competitors mass produced products. The equipment is available with a 6 mm diameter dial face which clearly display the contents of each tank in litres.

Other gauges in the Normond range of equipment are the C & E series. The C series gauge is also individually manufactured and calibrated to the tank data supplied by the customer whilst the E series is self calibrating and displays the tank contents as a percentage of full.

The Normond gauge is easy to install and operate. Equipped with a manually operated pump it requires no electrical supply, therefore providing economy with accuracy and reliability.

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Accurately calibrated dip-rods are manufactured at our head office using tank data supplied by the tank manufacturer or customer as the original reference. These durable and easy to read dip-sticks are the yard stick which can be used in the event of tank gauging problems or discrepancies. Manufactured from glass fibre, they are easy to handle and do not bend or break as used to happen with the old traditional brass dip-sticks. Being light they can be repeatedly used without fear of penetrating the bottom the tank – another problem associated with those manufactured from brass.

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We also provide a specialised service to tanker manufacturers and repairers to manufacture dip-sticks for use with road tankers.