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Salen Jetty

Cameron Forecourt make fuelling ‘Plain Salen’ for boat owners

THE new owners of a lochside jetty in a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands are providing sailing craft and commercial boats with the only fuelling facility for miles following the installation of equipment purchased from Cameron Forecourt.

The commercial fuelling specialists answered an SOS from Mark and Jan Drury when they took over Salen Jetty on Loch Sunart in Argyll.

Due to the distance involved, Cameron Forecourt worked from plans and photographs to design a bespoke fuelling facility to replace an old, non-compliant installation at the jetty which offers the only marine diesel available on the 25-mile long sea loch.

Explains Jan: “We realised the existing equipment was no longer suitable because the tank wasn’t bunded, therefore posing a potential pollution hazard to the adjacent loch, and it was obvious that the old pump had seen far better days.

“We spoke to the fuel distributors up here and they pointed us towards Cameron Forecourt. We now have a fully compliant and approved system and we are very pleased with the service we received.”

The new system features an above ground PPG compliant bunded tank, feeding a Hytek Alpha 70R Board of Trade approved pump. A pressure regulating valve is installed into the suction line to comply with Board Of Trade regulations and to provide further environmental protection against leakage of fuel. Following installation, Trading Standards visited the site, checked, verified and stamped the dispenser leaving it ready for use.

Adds Jan: “We moved up here from Yorkshire when we saw the jetty advertised on the internet. We felt it was our duty to maintain and improve a service to the commercial boats and pleasure craft using the loch. Word is getting round that we have a new, totally clean and reliable fuel installation via which we can provide a good service to the yachts and working boats.”

Barry Jenner of Cameron Forecourt comments: “This is one of the more remote installations we have undertaken. We went into fine detail to ensure that a full turnkey system, down to the last nut and bolt, was delivered to site and successfully installed in one visit.”

Mark & Jan, who also run visitor moorings and launching facilities from the jetty, have now mastered the complexities of duty charged on gas oil, with a three tier pricing structure based on whether the fuel is used for commercial work, pleasure craft propulsion & heating or just propulsion.

They are also getting used to the 80-mile round trip to the nearest supermarket in Fort William!