Cameron Forecourt understand the constraints of costs whilst working under pressure to deliver on time every time which makes our priority, keeping you moving and minimalising downtime.

We have carefully selected just a few items of our fuelling equipment, services and solutions we have found to be of particular benefit to the UK’s rail sector in their refuelling operations.

To further help we have also selected some of our existing customers experiences  so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

If your requirements are not mentioned please pick up the phone as we are always here to help.

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  • Alternative Fuel Monitoring

  • Co2 Emissions Reporting

  • Driver Identification

  • Multi location Fuelling

  • Bowser Refuelling

  • Accurate Stock Reconciliation

Fuel Management is vital in a busy yard with multiple vehicles and drivers and even more so within a network of sites. With almost 500 sites now using our Jigsaw Fuel Management systems for over 15 years it’s proven as not just the first true web based system but leading in this field.

The Jigsaw Fuelling web site has been deigned to be as simple to use as possible. Information is presented in a clear format so that even first time users can understand how to use the system with little or no training – certainly for day to day operation. The Jigsaw system has a bright, clear design with data easily accessible with as few mouse clicks as possible.

Up to the minute Fuelling Data is presented as it arrives with no polling delays seen on other systems claiming to have “Real Time” operation.

All fuelling data is immediately viewable through the web page displayed in context of the relevant site, person, or vehicle, greatly reducing the need to generate reports.

The new Jigsaw Vision page gives the user a clear overview of fleet efficiency, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, fuel price trends etc. with more analysis tools being added as they are developed.

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What we do not know about AdBlue is not worth knowing and we understand the increasing need for this chemical in the rail refuelling operations, undertaking more and more installations of equipment to effectively dispense throughout the UKs rail network.

We wrote an informative guide on AdBlue, what it is exactly, why its needed and how to store and dispense is safely on site. You can read it here for free.

As we do not manufacture any equipment it means we are in prime position to cherry pick the best equipment in the world, ensuring its been time and quality tested in the most stringent of conditions.

ad blue tank

We supply entire new storage tanks complete with bund and pumps to simple safety equipment for handling of smaller operations, including floor crates, spill kits and PPE. Our online fuelling shop provides free and fast delivery on all these consumable items. www.fuellingequipmentshop.co.uk

There are a range of fuel pumps best suited to the HGV depot but considering the large volumes of fuel, vehicles and drivers that are in operation in this fast paced environment we suggest the C Series range of fuel oil pumps.

Standard features include:

  • Single-sided 25mm illuminated digital commercial displays (volume only)
  • Available as mono or twin
  • Pumping unit with integral air separation (not included in dispenser format)
  • 0.2% meter accuracy
  • Solenoid valve
  • Elaflex 3.3m hoses (black as standard)
  • Approved ‘latch open’ nozzles with safety break
  • Infra-red management control
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Single or three-phase motors (115v/230v/380v)
  • Integral nozzle locking (no padlocks required)
  • Interface options include Pulse, Serial, Gilbarco 2 Wire and HL2
  • Manufactured to EN13617-1 SIRA Certificate number 05ATEX9095
  • Approved by UK Weights & Measures (attendant operated or fuel monitoring system)
  • Measuring Instrument Directive approved
  • Ministry of Defence Design and Maintenance Guide 14 (DMG14)
  • 12 months warranty