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Cameron Forecourt develops bespoke solution for CEMEX UK

Building materials supplier CEMEX UK is benefiting from more accurate and up-to-date fuelling information at one of its key quarrying operations following the introduction of a Cameron Forecourt fuel management system.

Cameron ForecourtAn outdated paper-based monitoring system at the company’s Dove Holes quarry in the Peak District has been replaced with a solution developed by Cameron Forecourt.

With around 40 pieces of plant including giant dumpers, loading shovels, excavators a drill rig and Bobcats to fuel, filling up from a central pump is not possible, so CEMEX uses an on-site bowser to deliver fuel to the various items of plant.

DSC_0025 Cameron Forecourt was called in to design a system capable of monitoring fuel deliveries to the 60,000 litre main diesel tank, drawings by the bowser and other smaller vehicles used by fitters, then record fuel movements from the bowser to the various vehicles and plant sited around the 213 hectare quarry.

The bespoke solution has provided ‘closed loop’ monitoring based around the Jigsaw Eclipse WEB based fuel management system, along with high accuracy electronic tank gauging and the “Midas” on-board vehicle ID unit.

The system ensures that all fuel drawings by authorised personnel are fully monitored both as they enter vehicles from the on-site fuel pump and, then when transfers take place, from the bowser to vehicles and plant.

The Midas unit acts as an on-board tag to record how much fuel has been transferred and all data is passed to a Jigsaw Nova WEB based on-board terminal on the bowser powered from the vehicle’s battery.

DSC_0001With quarrying shovels consuming up to 17,000 litres of fuel each month and dumpers a further 8,000 litres per month, accurate information on consumption and stock levels is crucial to ensuring that weekly fuel deliveries to the on-site storage tank are phased to achieve a constant supply.

By combining the two sets of data from the bowser terminal and from the main fuel tank-based Eclipse, the quarry management has an up-to-date and accurate overview of fuel consumption supplies and tank stock levels via the internet from any WEB browser.

The system replaces an earlier arrangement where data from a digital recording unit was printed out on thermal paper.

DSC_0014Comments Hayden Gill, Production Manager, Dove Holes Quarry: ”We wanted a more modern system as the other one was becoming obsolete. The new system allows easier data recovery and is essential in helping us to monitor consumption of individual machines and overall fuel use throughout the site.

“We can collect reliable data quickly and accurately from both pumps and it also ensures that fuel cannot be taken out of the system without it being measured and accounted for.”

Dove Holes quarry is one of the largest quarries in the UK annually extracting up to four million tonnes of limestone aggregates, mainly for use in the construction industry.