This time we turn to a mature and reliable supplier that has had a long-standing relationship with Cameron Forecourt and an even longer standing reputation in its field of expertise.

We so often promote shiny new equipment, but rarely give much thought to the decommissioning and clean-up operations that are essential in paving the way for new and glamourous upgrades and revamps.

At Cameron Forecourt, we only work with the safest and most competent contractors so DP Fuel Tank Services was an obvious choice to appear in Fuelling Matters.

Here we chat with Managing Director, Nigel Plumb.

Company Name: DP Fuel Tank Services Limited

Year Company Founded? 1966 – Nominated for the APEA Golden award for 50 years of quality service provided to the fuelling market. 

Areas served? UK Nationwide including the Channel Islands and the Scottish Isles. DP Tank Services have also completed projects as far away as the Falkland Islands. 

Name: Nigel Plumb

Job Title: Nigel is the sole Director and owner of the company.

Responsibilities? As well as overseeing the company’s operations Nigel is; as his father and company founder before him was, the hub of the company’s technical expertise. Nigel makes it his business to keep abreast of every project, from estimating to carefully planning the works. Nigel is proud to say that he knows every one of his customers on an individual basis, working to meet their exact requirements every time.

Nigel is quick to point out that it is a team effort though, and gives special credit to his Office Manager; Valarie Phillips, who co-ordinates projects. Nigel also didn’t forget to mention Emma; his wife, who looks after company HR and has recently become involved in company marketing and promotional activities.

Brief description of products: DP Tank Fuel Tank Services products include tank cleaning, tank decommissioning, tank excavation, tank removal, nitro-foam inertion, total fuel site demolition to name but a few. The company regularly works on projects where all types of fuel product are stored including petrol, diesel, gas-oil, kerosene and heavy fuel oil.

DP Fuel Tank Services boast customers of all types and sizes, including owners of small domestic heating oil tanks as well as large scale oil refineries with tanks over 20 meters in height.

Working closely with customers as diverse as local homeowners through to engineering firms such as MC Integral in the Channel Islands, demonstrates the company’s ability to genuinely service all project types regardless of size and location.

Company Origins ?

For the first few years David Plumb & Co Ltd; as the company was previously known, was run from a semi-detached house in Coulsdon, Surrey. In 1971, the company took on the tenancy of a service station in Lower Kingswood. While continuing to run the forecourt as a going concern; hosting a car sales and repair operation, as well as selling second hand furniture, the company was able to use the large area of land and associated out-buildings to operate their tank cleaning vehicles and equipment.

Nigel Plumb, explains “I am proud of the reputation that my family has built into the business and we are now focused on driving the company forward to explore new opportunities and directions.”

What are you working on right now?

Nigel explains, “At the moment, we’re moving premises to help us expand our operations. The extra space will give us the opportunity to bring all of our specialist services in-house.” He continues “We’re also excited about two other projects, although I can’t say any more at the moment, but watch this space, as we expect to be making an announcement within next 12 months.”

Nigel goes on, “We also install a fibreglass tank lining system, essentially creating a tank within a tank.” Nigel continues, “Tank lining extends the expected life of older fuel tanks by up to 20 years; indeed, we guarantee our tank lining products for 10 years.” Nigel concludes, “Tank lining is an economic solution where a customer has ageing fuel storage tanks but cannot justify the cost of replacement.”

Where do you see your company in 10 years’ time?

Nigel’s answer is quite refreshing, declaring,
“I’m not sure and I don’t currently have a corporate 5-year plan or strategy.” He explains further, “We’re a small family run company and believe that 50 successful years in business demonstrates that we have the flexibility to respond to changes in our industry. We are confident that this flexibility and freedom to respond to the market demands and environmental impacts, will secure our future for another 50 years.”

Best part of your job?

“I get to see projects from initial consultation through to completion. Working with customers to define their requirements and ultimately getting to see another job well done makes it all worthwhile.”


“When I’m not working I love to travel, be it by plane, cars or motorbike!”

Nigel is a proud petrol head!