Issue 8 of Fuelling Matters shines its second birthday spotlight on another long serving Cameron Forecourt employee, none other
than Michelle Hall.


Michelle is based in the Aldershot office in Hampshire and has
been a key member of the Southern team for 24 years, so was just
in her 20’s when she started working for ‘Forecourt Engineering,’
as it was then known. Michelle started off as the Personal Assistant
to the directors Tony and Barry Jenner and slowly evolved to                          managing all the administration for Southern UK installation projects.

If you are one of our customers in the south of the UK then the
chances are that you have spoken to Michelle at some point. Her
role includes not just full administration support but constant co-ordination of the small group of sub-contractors that Cameron Forecourt work closely with. Michelle comments,

‘We’ve been very selective in who undertakes work on our behalf and as a result we have a very high calibre of sub-contractors. I enjoy working with
these highly skilled professionals and we’ve built a good rapport
over the years.’

What are your favourite aspects of the role?

‘I like the fact that no two days ever the same, it’s a cliché but I
really don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the

Michelle is currently working on a project in Milford Haven so she is busy co-ordinating all the paperwork for Martin Kirby, Cameron Forecourt’s Technical Manager who she adds,

‘is a pleasure to work with, but I enjoy my relationships with all staff, some of whom I’ve known for almost half of my life!’

What changes have you seen over the years?

‘When I first started working for Forecourt Engineering, we logged enquiries in a book by hand, we had a T card system on the wall for service, the invoices were printed on a dot matrix printer and I used to save everything on floppy disks, some of which I still have in my cupboard. My floppy disk collection is kept under lock and key!’

Despite still holding on to these floppy disks which contain not just old quotes from 1993 but Quattro Pro for Windows and Windows 3.1 to
name a few. Michelle insists she is not a hoarder, defending herself with laughter she proclaims,

‘I’m really not a hoarder but thought I may need them one day!’

she agrees; on realising that there is no longer a machine on which to read them, they may get better use as coasters.

Which colleagues do you work closely with day to day?

‘Peter Hammond; the Estimating Manager, Don Murray; the Southern Installation Manager in addition to Martin Kirby; as previously
mentioned, and Michael Hall – Guy. More recently since the company restructure I regularly work with Gail Davis who manages the Northern Installation administration and Darren West company Installation Manager.’ On asking Peter Hammond what Michelle is like to work with, he hastily replied

‘an absolute pleasure’

to which Michelle points out she wasn’t even holding a gun to his head (joke)

What is your spare time filled with?

A LOT OF WALKING, Michelle undertook the ‘Walk all over Cancer’ challenge and has raised almost £400. She also states a love for music and
the last CD she purchased was Alfie Boe, swooning she states, ‘He has such a lovely voice.” Her taste is quite varied and proudly announces a love for grungy emo band Green Day and the punk rock group ‘My Chemical Romance.’
She adds with a final passion,

‘I have just got back from Greece and I’m totally loved it’. I never go to the same place twice so it’s always an adventure.’

What are you currently reading?

“Burn” James Patterson, a classic book of the crime/detective/thriller genre.

And finally complete this sentence,

If you see me out buy me a drink of… Double Bailey’s with ice please.