Stamp of Approval for Cameron Forecourt

ENSURING accuracy of bulk liquid deliveries to customers is essential to keeping on the right side of the law.

Accurate measurement is critical in high volume applications where bulk tanks are being used for trade transactions, particularly where the cost of the commodity is high, such as ever more expensive liquid fuel.

UK commercial fuelling specialist Cameron Forecourt continues to manufacture dipsticks alongside its advanced range of web-based fuel management systems, electronic monitoring equipment and electronic gauging.

Explains sales and marketing director Martyn Gent: “The storage tanks on all road-going tankers vary in volume even though they might be the same tank type. The internal ‘pots’ within the tanker also vary. The only sure way of measuring individual volume is to calibrate the tanks and their compartments then supply a dip rod dedicated to each.”

Cameron Forecourt works in partnership with West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service Calibration Bay in Morley, Leeds who are a centre of excellence in tanker calibration and associated services.

There, it calibrates tankers destined for all over the UK and tests bulk fuel measuring systems intended for trade use. This ensures that operators can stay on the right side law.

Explains Matthew Broome, of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service: “Cameron Forecourt produce and supply our customers with wooden dip rods used for both trade-approved and non-trade approved measuring systems. Some of these are used for stock control and monitoring purposes and others are made for trade use. In all cases the dip rods are tailor made for each tanker using accurate calibration measurements taken by West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service. For those dip rods intended for use for trade we verify them along with their associated tanker for compliance with the Measuring Equipment (Liquid Fuel Delivered From Road Tankers) Regulations 1983. They are then stamped by us as fit for trade use.

In most cases these are for new build tankers, but on occasion some are replacements sticks for existing vehicles.

The dip rods provided by Cameron Forecourt are a crucial part of the dipstick measuring system we test and pass. They are used by many bulk fuel distributors for managing stock and ensuring accurate measure to customers.”

The facility operated by Cameron Forecourt is the last of its type in the UK, so when it comes to calibration and the supply of ‘official’ dipsticks . . . all roads lead to Yorkshire.

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