Fuelling Matters Issue 11 Supplier Spotlight

Company Name: HYTEK GB

Clive Wellings Technical Manager for Hytek GB

Clive Wellings the Technical Manager for Hytek GB

Year Company Founded: 1985
Areas served: Global
Name: Clive Wellings
Job Title: Technical Manager


My job is to undertake the development of new products, manage quality systems and support the sales team within the company.

Brief description of products:

We supply refuelling equipment mainly for use in the commercial market via trade distributors only who then supply companies and organisations owning and operating private fleets of vehicles. We provide a wide variety of fuelling & lubrication equipment from fuel and oil pumps, nozzles, hoses, fittings, pipework systems, alarms, gauges and all accessories required to safely refuel a fleet of commercial vehicles. The main product supplied to the retail market is our UPP pipework system & our calibrated test measure cans that are used to check the accuracy of fuel dispensing pumps so customers are not under or over delivered fuel. In fact, a lot of our equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled on our own premises right here in Hertfordshire including the Alpha range of fuel pumps, our own brand of tank alarms and fuel tank anti syphon valves.

Company Origins:

I have worked for HYTEK GB for 30 years now, Hytek is only a little older than my time served! When I started here there was just 4 of us, we now have a total of 30 employees. I started here on leaving school on the production line assembling fuel dispensing pumps which back then was Hytek’s sole business. Over the years the market increased its demand for a full range of refuelling equipment including various pumps battery, hand and electric operated even ones for Adblue® which is still a growing market and fuel filters and then safety signage and spill kits all of which Hytek source and supply.

More recently our fuel testing service allows us to turn fuel samples around in just 24 hours and provide comprehensive reports on the condition of stored fuel and weather it has the potential to damage equipment or vehicles.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on the weights and measures MID approved Alpha fuel oil pump which has just been submitted to the NMRO in Teddington for rigorous and in-depth testing. We should receive the certification by mid April which I’m quite excited about as I’ve been working on this pump development for 6 months. I have been ensuring the software is modified adequately so it can communicate with a range of fuel management systems. Approval to MID (measuring instruments directive) guarantees that fuel deliveries are being exactly met and to a highly accurate level working within + /- 0.5%.

Despite the new Alpha MID looking not much different from the outside to the old Alpha, do not be deceived! The MID Alpha has a pump unit featuring improved air separation and we have fitted a solenoid valve within the pump housing to ensure the flow of fuel is stopped at precisely the right time to guarantee accurate delivery measurement. The new dispenser also features upgraded software to improve accuracy along with other improvements.
All these features in addition to the ATEX certification across the Alpha range including a petroleum fuel pump creates a genuinely premium product within the fuel pump dispenser market placing it firmly at the front on specification, retaining the Alpha’s reputation for durability and quality.

Where do you see the company in 10 years’ time?

Alternative fuels are being introduced and with the popularity of petrol Hybrid engines we introduced the Alpha petrol pump, in the past we have offered dispensing equipment for biodiesel and LPG . We also now stock a range of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment as we have seen an interest in this and plan to meet the demand within the commercial refuelling market.

In the long-term, we will be keeping a close eye on all the alternative fuels to ensure we continue to offer the market equipment suitable for use with all fuels and who knows what new products this will lead us to designing and engineering.

Best part of your job?

The design of a new product using CAD then developing to a final product. I have designed all four Alpha fuel pumps, and I designed the casings, mechanics and acquired the ATEX approval for our range of tank alarms and I’m quite proud of that. Not all alarms on the market are ATEX approved and we were one of the first to gain this approval.

Spare time?

In my spare time I like cycling, I started out road racing competitively 15 years ago and now compete in time trials and endurance events. I’m currently a member of Hertfordshire Wheelers and I cycle to work and back every day which a 20-mile round trip.