Taking stock of fuel supplies

With fuel costs continuing to rocket to new highs, accounting for stocks and keeping them secure is one of the key tasks facing fleet managers.

Leakage, loss or unauthorised use can soon make a massive hole in fuel budgets already under severe strain.

Cameron Forecourt has been helping fleet operators across all sectors to keep an accurate track of fuel supplies for more than 30 years.

The company is the UK’s leading fuelling solutions encompassing bulk above and below ground storage tanks, pipework, pumps and a whole range of equipment ranging from simple hydrostatic gauges to sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment and advanced web-based fuel management systems.

Its nationwide team of service engineers and specialists provide everything from routine maintenance and repairs to planning, designing and installing complete installations, which can range from a single site single-pump facility to multi-site fuelling facilities linked to computerised management systems that keep watch on stocks 24/7 throughout the year.

The company’s back-up service extends to all areas of fuelling operations, including environmental, legislative and HSE site compliance surveys, fuel testing, scheduled maintenance and PPG compliant installations.

Cameron Forecourt customers include public utilities, emergency services, logistics operators, public & private mail services, the road transport sector, coach and bus operators – almost any operation operating its own fleet and storing its own fuel supplies.

Innovative systems and equipment exclusive to Cameron Forecourt include the Eclipse web-based fuel management system which provides users with real time information on fuel stocks from any PC, laptop or smart phone; on board and nozzle-mounted vehicle identification systems that ensure that fuel only goes into authorised vehicles and vehicle mounted devices that automatically capture both mileage and fuelling data.

Comments Martyn Gent, Cameron Forecourt Sales and Marketing Director: “With fuel now such an expensive element in running any fleet operation, accurate wetstock management is crucial to keeping watch over fuel stocks.

“It is essential to make only the right people are fuelling the right vehicles and that if there is a problem such as unauthorised fuelling or even a leak in the system, you can identify it and act straight away.

“Our advanced systems aim to ensure that our customers aren’t caught out on any front and they know they are sure of round-the-clock back-up whenever they need it.”

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